The Caves of Kesh – Sligo Walks

The Keshcorran Mountain walk is one of the walks listed on the Sligo Walks website. I’ve given myself a challenge to try as many of the walks as I can. This one is just spectacular and so worth a visit if you are in Sligo.

South Sligo so often gets overlooked by tourists coming to our county but it is really well worth a visit. You’ll find the small village of Keash between Ballymote and Boyle. It’s worth a drive through Ballymote if just to marvel at the parking! I jest of course, there are lots of reasons to visit Ballymote including seeing the castle and pretty town park.

You can’t miss the caves if you are coming from Ballymote, you will see them from your car. There are two options for parking, either take the first sign you see for The Caves of Kesh, be aware there is only space for two or three cars or you could park in the village itself and walk up.

The walk really isn’t too bad, although if you ask Lucy she may disagree. Yes it’s steep in places, after all you are walking up a mountain, but it’s manageable. It only takes about 20 – 25 minutes to walk up and there is a seat half way so you can take a break. The toughest bit is the little narrow section on the brow of the hill, it can get quite muddy so just be aware of that.

Although there are 17 caves it’s really only advisable to go as far as the largest one as there is a danger from falling rocks if you go any further.

The cave is just magical, it has a very special feeling about it and the views are just stunning. If you go up on your own it can be a bit scary if you have an overactive imagination like I do!

After your walk why not make a day of it in the area? For food check out The Coach House Hotel in Ballymote which is very nice. I’ve heard good things about The Fox’s Den in Keash too, although I’ve never eaten there.

A visit to nearby Eagle’s Flying is a must. They are open seven days a week until October. Also check out Wild Wet Adventures who run walking and water-based activities. If you are looking for something very special a night in the luxury Temple House would be perfect.

For more details on the Keshcorran walk check out the Sligo Walks website.

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