I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere. I finished my dramatherapy sessions today and it’s been so helpful to me.

I’ve had such a supportive therapist and it’s really made me take a long, hard, look at myself and why I have been feeling the way I have recently and why it’s happened to me now after all these years.

It hasn’t all been easy, in fact some of the sessions where very in-depth and it’s been quite difficult looking at the reasons behind certain feelings. It’s all been really necessary though and I feel without revisiting some of the past and why it has had such an impact on me I’m finally ready to move on.

Now I know I’m not cured and it’s still going to be one day at a time but dramatheraphy has given me some coping mechanisms that I will continue to use for life.

I was blessed to have such an understanding, caring, therapist and I promise her that I will try to be the cat not the kitten – she’ll understand! Dramatherapy is suitable for groups and individuals and I can really recommend it. You can read more about it here.

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