Talking and stretching

Well what a response to my blog this morning. I’m always amazed whenever I pour my heart out just how supportive people are. As soon as the blog went up I got a text from a friend inviting me for coffee.

She was just brilliant, I talked, she listened, she encouraged, she advised and most of all she didn’t judge. She’s a very special lady.

After our chat it was time for my Pilates class. I have missed weeks due to appointments and I was so pleased to go back. Concentrating on breathing, stretching and holding everything in makes me forget about everything else. So thank you Sligo Pilates and Oliver.

I have had so many messages from people and I really appreciate each and every one. I also had a lovely invitation to something that I think I’m going to love so it’s great to have something to look forward to.

This afternoon I had a wonderful chat with my family, they really are the best. I’m so blessed to have them. So thank you all once again. I will keep you updated as to how things go x


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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, Val. I would like to get back into Pilates too; such great exercise that gives the added gift of “paying attention.” Hope today is just as positive for you!

  2. It sounds as if some time away might help. I’ve had clinical depression my whole life and can relate to your feelings. With air fare to the US so low, we would love for you and Andy to come pay us a visit in beautiful, scenic Virginia! We live in the shadow of the blue ridge mountains that have a lot in common with county Kerry in Ireland. There are also over 100 lovely vineyards just waiting to be explored. Come on down! ❤

  3. We are all so used to communicating on social media nowadays but it’s great to meet people in the real world. I know I get so much more energy and fuel from a face to face than I do from any amount of Likes, comments or RT’s.
    Btw, I’m aware of the irony here. 🙂
    Really enjoying your short, in the moment posts.

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