Annoying Appointments

OK I’m ranting. I’ve asked Jono if I can do this blog post and he agreed. Some of you may know that Jono has asperger’s syndrome, he also has kyphosis and scoliosis. He had surgery in 2009 as his spine was curved at almost 100 degrees. The surgery involved two rods being inserted on either side of his spine and it went relatively well although he is curving above the rods and is in constant pain. Some days for him are better than others. He is also on medication for other reasons and this makes him very tired.

What really annoys me are the appointments he has to attend. These people are meant to help him. One such appointment in the psychologists department (which he was waiting 6 months to get), involved him being in with the doctor for a grand total of 8 minutes. Much of the conversation revolved around his unusual surname, his accent and what passport he has. What in the name of God does that matter?? A complete waste of time.

Yesterday’s appointment was with an occupational therapist. Again the accent thing came up….no surprise there. He was told he should do gardening…sometimes he has trouble standing but he’s meant to do gardening. An art class was suggested, all well and good but he’s not interested in art. Just because people have a disability doesn’t mean they are all interested in the same things. All these things were suggested by someone who met him for the first time yesterday and doesn’t know a thing about him. He wants to help in the Boyle Model Railway (which he’s waiting to hear back about), instead of commending him for finding out about it himself he was told to find something in Sligo. Playing pool in the Embassy was suggested and him getting the bus into Sligo from our village. The bus leaves at 7am and returns at 6pm…that’s a long time to be playing pool.

He was also asked when he was going to move out of home as he is dependant on me, this said as the OT’s phone rang (it should have been switched off)….it was her mother.

These appointments just seem to upset matters. I’d love to know how other people get on and I’m sure there are some great people out there in these jobs, over time we’ve met a few. I wish they’d stop treating everyone with a disability the same and get to know the person. Also just because you can’t see a disability doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Rant over…for now.

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