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A very different post for me but I want to highlight the great work that the Samaritans do. I have a friend who volunteers with the Sligo Samaritans and he told me a bit about the work he does:

 I am a volunteer with the Sligo Samaritans and it’s such a strange, challenging but positive experience.   We really need to get the message out in Sligo that you can talk to us. Lonely, sad, confused, depressed or suicidal. Sligo provides a trained 24 / 7 service. All volunteers.  The small  branch took 30,000 calls in 2013. The main cause of death between 18 and 40 is suicide. Twice as big as car accidents, 75 % male. This needs to stop by talking, helping and supporting all age groups in need and in trouble. Sligo Samaritans have been here for 29 years but yesterday I launched the Facebook page for it. Please help now and whenever you can. I have been there to help and perhaps postpone suicide and so many callers have said that. I have also been there when they had done their farewell and just wanted to be with someone. I am a Dad and while I am in the Samaritans to stop or help prevent that, I have seen it happen very close to me. . It’s not morbid, it’s real. Let’s try to prevent it and let people know that if they are lonely, unhappy, stressed or worse Sligo has a centre that they can call or drop in for a chat. 3 The Mall, Sligo. Or free phone 116123

Thank you Joe for sharing this and thank you to you and others for the great work you are doing. You can find Sligo Samaritans on Facebook here.

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