Monday thoughts – vlog

Well I had a bit of a moan about Bus Eireann on my blog this morning, I still think I was well within my rights to do so. What I didn't expect was someone to have a dig at me. More in the vlog.

Back on a Rant

Regular readers to the blog will know all about Jono's spinal problems. Jono had severe kyphosis and scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and after a long wait he finally had spinal fusion surgery in 2009 in Tallaght, Dublin. The surgery involved metal rods being inserted either side of his spine. We thought it was a... Continue Reading →

Over 40 and forgotten?

Sorry readers I'm on another rant...I'm blaming the weather and the lack of photography inspiration..and the fact I'm sitting around not doing very much at the moment. I was on a bloggers group on Facebook today and there was a survey aimed at people who are active on Social Media and who blog. As it... Continue Reading →

Annoying Appointments

OK I'm ranting. I've asked Jono if I can do this blog post and he agreed. Some of you may know that Jono has asperger's syndrome, he also has kyphosis and scoliosis. He had surgery in 2009 as his spine was curved at almost 100 degrees. The surgery involved two rods being inserted on either... Continue Reading →

Recession Roses?

I won a tin of Cadbury Roses today....yay!!! But they've changed the!!! We always used to fight over who got the chocolate our disappointment they've replaced them with a 'coffee escape'. I wish the bloody coffee would escape because it shouldn't be in a tin of Roses. Little was I to know that... Continue Reading →

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