Heritage weekend in Collooney/Aughris

KnocknareaToday was interesting. Woodrow Sustainable Solutions are running free heritage weekend courses. I went along today to Collooney to find out more, there were guest speakers including Siobhan from the Heritage Office, Noelle Cawley from Failte Ireland, Will Woodrow from Woodrow Sustainable Solutions and Sam Moore archeologist. We got to find out about completed and ongoing heritage projects in Sligo and how community groups could get involved in heritage in their area. We also heard about the Wild Atlantic Way and heritage in tourism and about the natural heritage we have and how to improve and sustain it.

Moth trapWill showed us a moth trap and we got to see a huge variety of moths. I never knew there were so many different types.

Elephant mothAfter looking at the moths we went on a bus trip to Aughris (well I took my car as I had to leave early). Sam was telling the folks on the bus all about the area we were driving through, we went down a very narrow lane and walked into a field where we saw a look out post from World War 2.


Look outIn the uncertain early days of the Second World War the Irish government sought to take action to protect the neutrality it had declared in September 1939.  It was decided that a series of lookout posts  would be built at strategic points along the Irish coastline to monitor belligerent activity at sea.  The LOPs were manned by coast watchers and the institution they formed was named the Coast Watching Service. 82 of this Lookout posts were built between 1939-1942 many of these buildings still exist along the coastline including this one at Aughris.

Listening to SamIt was very interesting and entertaining listening to Sam. Even the cows were impressed.


After that I left the group and went off for a little exploring on my own. There are plenty of signs around for the Wild Atlantic Way, so if you are looking for the sea just follow the signs.

Wild Atlantic WayYou all know I’m a huge fan of Sligo and Aughris is a really beautiful place. I headed off on the cliff walk and there wasn’t a soul around, just the birds and the butterflies.

IMG_8573I even found a little deserted cove so I had a walk down on the sand.

IMG_8539It was a lovely day. The heritage weekend continues tomorrow and if you missed out there is one in Grange next week, it’s really worth attending as it’s amazing how much you learn.

10434196_733275700062731_6341338089965547993_nThe rest of my photos are here.

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