Cone back to Leitrim

Sometimes the powers that be in this country sadden me. This is one of those times. It might not be hard hitting news to the majority of the folks out there but one man has lost his livelihood due to red tape.

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Thursday Trials and Tribulations

Have you ever had one of those days? Today is one of those days. It started at around 5am with the dreaded insomnia, this week has been desperate for sleep, I think it’s the aftermath of the play.

I gave in a 6am and got up only to find that we had 4 tea bags in the house, I didn’t want to leave the lads without so I reused a tea bag – yes I’m a dirtbird but at least it was only in the tea bag bowl and not out of the bin.

I walked the dogs and was at a loose end, the WiFi isn’t working at home – hence the absence of an insomnia based blog post – phew, I hear you all say. So I grabbed some clothes and headed to the swimming pool. It was actually the perfect way to start the day – until I got out of the pool.

I’d just grabbed a towel the size of a handkerchief when I left the house so that was about as much use as a chocolate tea-pot. So I sort of air-dried and as all the glamorous ladies were getting ready for their working day I was going through the plethora of random clothes that had made their way into my bag.

Total disaster. I had two tops that wouldn’t fit over my bingo wings – photographer arms – so I ended up wearing a top that is two sizes too big so I look like a leftover from a campsite. Now for the trousers, I have this lovely pair of M&S jegging type trousers (charity shops for the win) they are great when they are on but the struggle of getting them on is something else! Around the world by Daft Punk and I looked like I was doing some kind of bizarre dance and as I tried to hoist them up over my sizeable backside…I don’t know about Around the World – more like around my arse!

As I sit here in the library writing this post I’m hoping that the day will improve!


Tuesday Thoughts

Firstly insomnia is driving me barmy. I was up at 3am eating toast – and if I could have got a bag of chips I would have done. I got some sleeping tablets from the GP last week and I took one over the weekend….I still woke up during the night and I was inches away from a panic attack when I was out.

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