March Monday

1069827_839765196050319_2087218612_nThis morning started off very foggy. The photo above was taken at 7.30am this morning.

1619357_839796412713864_2065135786_nAbove is another one from 7.30am this morning, the joys of walking the dog early 🙂

IMG_6249When I was in Sligo this morning the fog was starting to lift. The photo above was taken at 9am, it’s from The Model carpark looking towards Knocknarea.

IMG_6256On my way home heading up the Hungry Rock road towards Coolaney I saw the back of Knocknarea (or the front depending on how you look at it 😉 ). I think the fog makes it look very mystical.

IMG_6360The highlight of my day was seeing the lambs, they are very late this year, I’m hoping to get some better photos soon.

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