Foggy Friday

I'm probably in the minority but I love foggy mornings and today was certainly foggy. The photo above was taken at 10am on the Green Road, Sligo - where I usually take my shots of Lough Gill. I couldn't see the lake today - or anything else, except the cobwebs. Hope you like the pics.

March Monday

This morning started off very foggy. The photo above was taken at 7.30am this morning. Above is another one from 7.30am this morning, the joys of walking the dog early 🙂 When I was in Sligo this morning the fog was starting to lift. The photo above was taken at 9am, it's from The Model... Continue Reading →

Foggy Photos

I have so much to tell you. It's been a really busy few days. I'm just going to start with a few photos for now, the other blogs can wait.  I finally got the chance to tick off something that has been on my 'to do' list for a very long time. A friend of... Continue Reading →


Yes I know that's the worst title for a blog post ever but I'm lacking inspiration at the moment.  The photo above was Lough Gill yesterday morning. Further along the lake this is Parke's Castle. Ten minutes later this was Hazelwood Forest, you can still see the fog through the trees. Halfmoon Bay above is... Continue Reading →


Well the mild weather seems to have gone and we are back to the cold. This morning was frosty and very foggy...I'll never understand the people that drive without lights. I do like this kind of weather though, it makes for interesting photos. The top one is Doorly Park in Sligo. Underneath is the gatehouse... Continue Reading →

Foggy and frosty Saturday

Well this was what we woke up to this morning. Fog and frost. Winter is certainly setting in. It didn't really clear much all day. The sky was beautiful this evening though. I was driving so missed taking photos of most of it. I did pull over near Lough Gill to take the one below... Continue Reading →

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