Mid-September Morning

I love this time of year, especially when it's a nice day. This morning was just beautiful, I woke up early as the sun was rising and the intention was to go to the gym. As I was driving there and saw the mist on the fields I just couldn't bring myself to be indoors... Continue Reading →

March Monday

This morning started off very foggy. The photo above was taken at 7.30am this morning. Above is another one from 7.30am this morning, the joys of walking the dog early 🙂 When I was in Sligo this morning the fog was starting to lift. The photo above was taken at 9am, it's from The Model... Continue Reading →

Foggy Photos

I have so much to tell you. It's been a really busy few days. I'm just going to start with a few photos for now, the other blogs can wait.  I finally got the chance to tick off something that has been on my 'to do' list for a very long time. A friend of... Continue Reading →


Well the mild weather seems to have gone and we are back to the cold. This morning was frosty and very foggy...I'll never understand the people that drive without lights. I do like this kind of weather though, it makes for interesting photos. The top one is Doorly Park in Sligo. Underneath is the gatehouse... Continue Reading →

Play Misty For Me

We had quite a heavy frost yesterday morning...so bad I had to dig out the de-icer for the car (I think it's a bit too soon for that!) It was a misty morning but it did make for some great photo opportunities. The photos were taken in Doorly Park at Lough Gill. It's so easy... Continue Reading →

Play Misty For Me

We have had fairly mild weather here in Sligo over the last few days. Today was very misty and foggy though. I spotted the scene above after dropping the kids off to their courses and on the way to my mums. I had to pull over to take a few photos. These photos were taken... Continue Reading →

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