Sligo L.E.T.S Organic Farm

IMG_6439I had a lovely day today with a unexpected visit to Sligo L.E.T.S Organic Farm Produce today. I had seen my friend Jacintha post a photo of the donkey and asked her where it was. She told me about L.E.T.S and I decided to pay a visit. They are located in Cleveragh near the sports centre.

IMG_6451They grow vegetables and herbs which are for sale to the public so when the growing season gets underway I’ll pop back and see what they have.

IMG_6459I met Gerry who has all kinds of beautiful birds. He did tell me the names of them all (well the breeds not the names!) but I have a head like a sieve and can’t remember any of them.

IMG_6541This is a baby pigeon! So sweet. To be honest I thought the pigeons were doves because they were white but it seems they aren’t. I really need to learn more about birds.

IMG_6463Gerry also has an aviary for the indoor birds. It was great to meet him and all the folks at the centre and they were telling me that anyone is welcome to call in. This really is a Sligo-secret…I must list it on my site.

IMG_6633Not only does Gerry breed birds he also breeds rabbits. They are so gorgeous! They are all very tame as well. Gerry will also take in injured birds, he has a turkey that was found in a playschool.

IMG_6646If you get a chance do pop in and see Gerry and the animals. If you have any spare wood he’d be grateful too as he’s making new hutches for the animals and all his work so far is paid for without any funding.


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  1. You’ve uncovered yet ANOTHER Sligo hidden treasure! Family and I looking forward to visiting Gerry and his menagerie soon (Molly won’t want to leave). Fair play to him and his good works, so hope he receives more support soon.

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