It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas – Sligo style

IMG_5687Well there has been an awful lot of will they, won’t they with regard to the Christmas lights in Sligo. The tree was lit up last night but there was talk that the council couldn’t afford lights for the town. Some shopkeepers have done a wonderful job with lighting up their shops but the town would look very sad without lights. Thankfully Sligo Chamber of Commerce have stepped in and said ‘Let there be light!!’ So watch this space for further photos.

IMG_5684I was in town last night for a friend’s birthday, we went to The Panda Chinese buffet, it’s fab!! Would go back again. Anyway on my way in I saw the ‘beer taxi’ in O’Connell Street. So I pulled over to take a photo. Never worry about running out of beer in Sligo again 😉

IMG_6905Santa arrived in Cleveragh Retail Park, Sligo today. He was there with his reindeer donkey. He was also looking very slim. Well we are in a recession after all 😉


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