Canon 1100D

GlencarThe lovely people at Canon-Ireland have lent me a Canon 1100D.  I got to have a play with it between the showers today.  The photo above is Glencar waterfall, I must remember to bring a tripod in future though.

FushciaThe camera seems to be really good in poor light, because it was fairly dark at Glencar.


As always these would be much better if I used a tripod, I must make sure I bring it with me next time because I always get camera shake with the slow shutter speeds, but that’s my fault not the camera.

IMG_3284I also got to Rosses Point although it was very cold and blustery.  I love the way the light is so different from different angles.

IMG_3287So these are just a few from today.  I’ve no doubt you’ll be seeing a lot more from the Canon soon, until it’s time for me to send it back.



11 thoughts on “Canon 1100D

  1. June says:

    Very generous and brilliant that the good folks at Canon-Ireland have lent you the Cannon 110D. These photos are beautiful, Val. For what it’s worth, though, from all the hundreds and hundreds of photos I’ve seen on your blog, *all* your photos – be they taken with a super-amazing camera like this one, or your ‘regular’ camera, or, for that matter, the built-in camera in your mobile – are *all* gems and I’ve enjoyed all of them.

    Glencar is one of my favourite places…it brings a feeling of calmness and serenity alongside an overwhelming feeling of ‘natural magic’ emanating from the mighty force of the water/waterfall itself. Beautiful…as is that lovely, chubby pigeon. 🙂 Thanks for sharing these with us, Val.

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