Canon 1100D

The lovely people at Canon-Ireland have lent me a Canon 1100D.  I got to have a play with it between the showers today.  The photo above is Glencar waterfall, I must remember to bring a tripod in future though. The camera seems to be really good in poor light, because it was fairly dark at... Continue Reading →

Pigeon Dior

Pigeon Dior, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well it's been a bit of an odd week. The photo above was taken in a chemist in Sligo. The pigeon was sheltering from the storm (either that or he was on work experience). We did try to ask for some make up advice but he wasn't very helpful... Continue Reading →

Play misty for me

Play misty for me, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Andy has been feeling rough today. He's got a bad chest now.....maybe it will take his mind off his back. So he spent the day in bed. I had to go into town to leave Lucys school trousers into The Quayside to be taken up as they... Continue Reading →

You put your left leg out…

You put your left leg out..., originally uploaded by magnum_lady. unusual pigeon in my back garden doing the Hokey Cokey. He stayed around all afternoon and was very tame, he had really hairy legs! Like he was wearing ugg boots 😉 Thanks so much for all your lovely comments yesterday, I have very lucky to... Continue Reading →


Reflections, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. It was a lovely sunny day in Sligo today. In between appointments, shopping and school runs I got down to Doorly Park, which is one of my favourite places to go. Its very peaceful looking at the swans and ducks. Talking of ducks I was listening to the radio today... Continue Reading →

Store Pigeon ha-cha-cha-cha

As sung to the tune of Kid Creoles Stool Pigeon 😉 So what do I have to tell you today. Well it was just a normal Monday, the usual shopping in Sligo, minus the muvver, because my dad came back from the nursing home and can't be left on his own..he has a habit of... Continue Reading →

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