Glorious Glencar

Another night of insomnia so I decided to get up in the end instead of sitting in bed thinking of what ifs and what might have beens. I left the house in the dark at around 5am and headed to Glencar. I've always wanted to do the bog road walk up to the mountain so... Continue Reading →

Cone back to Leitrim

Sometimes the powers that be in this country sadden me. This is one of those times. It might not be hard hitting news to the majority of the folks out there but one man has lost his livelihood due to red tape. Hugh Campbell has been selling ice creams for 8 years in Glencar, Co.... Continue Reading →

Glencar teaSHED

I'm delighted that there is a new coffee shop at Glencar waterfall, Co. Leitrim. Many a time I've been to the waterfall,usually when it's raining and I've wanted a place to relax and dry I'm usually always hungry but I'd have to wait until I got back in to Sligo....not anymore! A big welcome... Continue Reading →

Canon 1100D

The lovely people at Canon-Ireland have lent me a Canon 1100D.  I got to have a play with it between the showers today.  The photo above is Glencar waterfall, I must remember to bring a tripod in future though. The camera seems to be really good in poor light, because it was fairly dark at... Continue Reading →

Going around Glencar

I had a couple of hours spare today now that I'm no longer in the volunteer centre. I've really missed exploring so it's great to get back to it again. Glencar is a really lovely place with beautiful scenery. We had some snow this morning and it settled on the higher ground. After a little... Continue Reading →

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