Donal Skehan – The HomeCooked Tour

DSCF0954Last night we went to the Hawk’s Well Theatre to see Donal Skehan’s HomeCooked Tour.  Now I must admit I did wonder how a cookery show was going to work in a theatre but I have to say it was brilliant.  We had a really good night.  As soon as we walked in we were given a recipe leaflet containing the five dishes Donal was going to show us how to cook, we also got an entry form to fill out to win a €50 Spar voucher and a copy of the HomeCooked Book….we didn’t win but the girl who did was delighted.

Donal has a great stage presence and bags of personality.  The show was like a cross between a pantomime and a cookery show, we had to ‘Oooh’ and ‘roaarr’.  We didn’t have to shout ‘behind you though!’  In the Tiramisu recipe poor Donal forgot the espresso and alcohol….’Oh no he didn’t’…’Oh yes he did’.  But I didn’t mention that 😉 I got told off by Donal for tweeting about it last night, I was mortified when he called out ‘Where’s Magnumlady?’ and there was Lucy sitting beside me telling him where I was!!

DSCF0920The show encouraged the audience to get involved and these lucky people above got to try the most delicious smelling Pad Thai.  Although I was amazed at how it got everyone in the audience coughing!! There was only one chilli in the recipe!

DSCF0947There was also an egg white whipping competition done to the theme tune of Benny Hill! Fair play to the participants who did a great job, I’d have just bunged it in a blender.

DSCF1014Followed by a pancake flipping competition, all great fun! The lucky winners and losers got a copy of Donal’s book.

DSCF1031What I loved about the recipes we were shown was how quickly they were made and how easy they were.  It just goes to show you that you can make good food fast.  Lucy and I were lucky enough to try the Nutella stuffed brioche, it was heavenly.  Basically it was a nutella sandwich made with brioche, dipped in egg and fried (so like French toast), it had a red berry sauce poured over the top, we are definitely going to make this.

We also got to see how to make Mexican fish tacos, I wouldn’t normally be a fish fan but this looked wonderful.  The Spinach crepes looked great too, they were filled with Gruyère and ham hock which Donal was explaining is a very cheap cut of meat but full of flavour.

DSCF1062After the show Donal came out to meet everyone and sign his book.  As usual I was starstruck…and look like a tomato in this photo!!  If you do get to see the show I’d highly recommend it, it was a great night of food and fun for all ages.

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  1. Sounds *and definitely looks) like it was brilliant and fun night for everyone, Val. You and Lucy definitely had a great time – and by the way, that photo of you and Donal is adorable (and no, you do not look like a tomato!).

    The Hawkswell is an excellent venue for this kind of event, as it’s so cozy and comfy and small. When we went to see ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ there this past February, I loved every moment of being there.

  2. Went to the this last night in Ennis with my daughter – Never Again!!!! The greatest waste of 40 euro ever. If his audience was made up of 4 and 5 year olds I would understand his hyper behaviour. As my daughter said it was like watching Jedward let loose in the kitchen. Donal needs to decide if he is in pantomime or cooking as the two do not mix. Maybe pantomime is actually his calling! My daughter and I left after just 2 recipes as we just couldn’t take anymore of his antics – popping up from behind the counter shouting BOSCO! I mean come on!!!!!!!!!! Dire stuff. I need to contact Mario Rosenstock pronto!

    1. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the show Grainne. I have to say there was no mention of Bosco when we saw Donal in Sligo, nor did he keep popping up from behind the counter. It really was cooking with a few laughs added.

  3. Bosco got mentioned twice popping up from behind the counter – cringeworthy to say the least. It really was desperate stuff maybe he is getting carried away as the tour is going on and he thinks he is a showman or something, if he just stuck to the cooking……

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