Fireworks in Fermanagh

DSCF0635I’ve often seen the Halloween Fireworks display in Enniskillen advertised but I’ve never got there.  This year we did and had a brilliant night! It was on Thursday (Halloween) and it was a really blustery, rainy day here in Sligo so we were wondering what it would be like in Fermanagh.  It was great though, very mild and the rain stayed off until just before the end of the display.

DSCF0643We weren’t in the best place because we had something to eat first and weren’t finished until 8pm when the display started.  I have to give the Lakeland Forum Cafe a mention because they had some brilliant deals on the night: hot dogs, burgers, Irish stew, soup and apple pie only £1 each!! I’ve never fed the family for so little, my stew was wonderful,  In hindsight we should have stayed at the cafe because they have a balcony and we could have seen the fireworks from there, it also overlooks the River Erne so it would have made for better photos.

DSCF0632I was wishing I still had the Canon camera as I think it would have done a better job than my Fuji did.

DSCF0574The firework display lasted for around 30 minutes and was brilliant, we all really enjoyed it.  There was a fun fair as well, I’m still recovering from the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland Paris so I just looked.

ErnesideOf course no trip to Enniskillen is complete without a bit of retail therapy.  Before the display we had a look around the Erneside Shopping Centre.  Thanks to Andy (the hubby) for the pics.  We spent a small fortune in  Poundland!!  The kids kept asking how much everything was….the clue is in the name 😉

AsdaAfter the fireworks we went to Asda, it was open 24 hours.  I’ve never seen it so quiet! I got a pair of boots for £12, not sure how long they’ll last but the last pair of boots I bought were Rieker and they are the second pair I’ve bought that have started leaking from the sole.  I did contact Rieker on twitter but was told they weren’t waterproof so there was nothing they could do…regardless of whether they are waterproof or not they surely shouldn’t leak from the sole after 5 months (and not in every day use) and they were expensive so I’d have expected more for my money.

Anyway I’ll quit complaining now! I’m really looking forward to heading to Enniskillen soon, I was there twice this week and love the place, everyone is so friendly and there are bargains to be had.

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