Good Luck Sligo Rovers

IMG_6261It’s an exciting day in Sligo as Sligo Rovers and their thousands of fans Arise to the Aviva to hopefully see them bring home the FAI Ford Cup in the cup final match against Drogheda United FC.

IMG_6269I have to say I’m not a big football fan but I do like Sligo Rovers. I’ve been to a couple of matches and there’s always been a brilliant atmosphere.

IMG_6263It’s been great to see the town get behind the team and show their support.

IMG_6256So best of luck to the ‘bit o’ red’ I’m sure you’ll do us proud.


One thought on “Good Luck Sligo Rovers

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  1. Up Sligo! C’mon Rovers! We’re all with ye! You can do it! You can do it!

    Like yourself, I’ve never been big into footie (although my hubby is, and he’s a lifelong Bohs supporter, being a Dub), but living here in Sligo, you just can’t help but feel huge pride and support and loyalty for the mighty Rovers. I love how the whole of Sligo town comes out to support the club and the lads in such a big, colourful way.

    Go on, lads! You can rock it!

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