Lawson at RTE 2FM

RTE GroundsLucy is a big fan of Lawson so when I heard they were going to be on Ruth and Paddy’s Weekenders Show on RTE 2fm I applied for tickets, I wanted to surprise her for her 18th birthday. She was delighted when she found out she was going so yesterday we headed up to Dublin to the RTE studios.

WaitingWe were taken into the studio that the RTE Concert Orchestra use.  We were sitting up at the balcony and it would have been great if the lights were left on but when Lawson arrived they turned them off.  My camera isn’t a fan of low light so the photos are rubbish.

DSCF9586 DSCF9588These two are the best of a very bad bunch, of course if I still had the Canon it would have been a different story 😉  Lawon played two songs live on 2fm and another two songs for the fans. They are brilliant live and even though it was a short set it was well worth going to, we had a great time.  You can listen to the show here, it’s about 32 minutes into it (click on 19th October).

DSCF9649 DSCF9658

After the show we got to meet the band.  Our photo was taken but I can’t find them online yet so these are a couple I took with other fans.  Lucy and I had a wander around the Fair City set afterwards which I’ll post as a separate blog.


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  1. Awwww…that’s such a lovely thing you’ve done for Lucy for her 18th 🙂 She must’ve been thrilled to bits, especially as she’s a fan of the band. Sounds like both of you had a brilliant and very fun time there. What a cool mum you are, Val. Happy birthday, Lucy! 🙂

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