TV and toenails

It's been a very busy week. I haven't had time to bless my self, as my granny would have said (not that I ever do bless myself but you get the idea). We had a few days of ice/snow/sleet/hail. The usual Irish four seasons in one day weather but the photo above came out of... Continue Reading →

My morning at TV3

It was a very exciting but hectic week. I got a phone call on Monday to say my photo was a finalist in the Ireland AM monthly photo competition - the theme was Love. I had to be in Dublin for 9am so I got up at 4am as I was driving and I wanted... Continue Reading →

Fair City

Yesterday after watching Lawson I asked the security guard where the Fair City set was.  I missed it last time I was at RTE.   So it was great to have a look around it this time, it really is a lot smaller in real life (isn't everything!!) It's mad to see a phone and... Continue Reading →

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