Belleek Pottery Gathering Celebration

Belleek PotteryToday there was a day of celebration in Belleek Pottery. I haven’t been there for quite some time so it was great to go back again. This time I had a tour of the factory which was really interesting, it’s amazing to see the process and skill involved by the workers.

Tour guideDearbhla was our tour guide and she explained everything to us about how the pottery is made.

IMG_2388IMG_2463IMG_2474In the museum

IMG_2543 IMG_2605 IMG_2609I’d recommend a visit to Belleek Pottery to anyone interested in how pottery is made. Even if you aren’t it’s a beautiful building with a shop and free museum, the only thing that costs is the tour and at Β£4 it’s well worth it.Β  There’s also a lovely cafe. The rest of my photos from today are here.

Belleek GardenAll these photos were taken with the Canon 100D that Canon-Ireland have kindly lent me.

12 thoughts on “Belleek Pottery Gathering Celebration

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  1. How lovely. I remember we went there on a school tour (I think it was the same day we went to the Marble Arch caves!), I’m still impressed with the skill involved in hand painting the pieces.

  2. That looks fabulous. Belleek is so traditional, even old-fashioned isn’t it? And very pretty too. I saw some jewellery pieces on sale in the visitors centres we were in up North recently…. a daisy-like pendant and earings.They were so very pretty and looked like it was Belleek Pottery. If it wasn’t they should consider making it!!

    xx Jazzy

  3. Worked there for 34 years, made redundant in 2004, a lot of the senior skilled crafts people are gone now ,especially in the Basket weave dept,nice photos though, hope you enjoyed Belleek

  4. It is so difficult to do photos of “things”. You and your camera did a great job on the pottery pieces. Loved them. I am definitely going to vist when I am in Ireland this Fall. Thanks.

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