Sligo Gaol

I finally got to take photos inside Sligo Gaol (or jail) this week.  I've wanted to do this for a long time but it isn't open to the public.  Siobhan the Heritage Officer let Sarah (Derelict Nation) and I for a look around on Monday.  The prison was open from 1823-1959, it was also known... Continue Reading →

There’s Nobody Home

I was out and about during the week and found this old house. There are so many houses and cottages like this all over Ireland, it's a real shame they've just been left when there are so many people homeless. I'd say this was once a cosy home, with the chair beside the range. The... Continue Reading →

The Old School

Today the dog woke up bright and early and as it was a bank holiday here in Ireland we headed off for a long walk. We walked up to Cappagh School House which is located in Coolaney, Co. Sligo. The school was built in 1868 and cost £300. I couldn't find an awful lot of... Continue Reading →

Museum of Abandoned and Bereaved Objects

Sarah Stevens from Derelict Nation has a solo show running at The Model until July 29th. It's called Museum of Abandoned and Bereaved Objects. I'm always interested in looking at Sarah's work. She accompanied me on a visit to The Mill, Ballisodare. She has a way of noticing things that other people would simply not... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to me!

Cake anyone?, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well it's my birthday today......42 and I still feel like I'm seventeen, shame I don't look it. I had a lovely day. This morning was Andys trip to the hospital for his INR test so I went in with him. This afternoon we all went out. First we went... Continue Reading →

Little me (the one of the right!)

Little me (the one of the right!), originally uploaded by magnum_lady. I can't remember if I posted this already. Wasn't I cute? I wonder what went wrong!? Not much news. Just organising myself for our trip to Dublin tomorrow for the Toys 4 Big Boys exhibition. We've never been to the RDS so it should... Continue Reading →

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