Suggestions for Sligo

I thought for a long time about writing this post. I am so passionate about Sligo, it has huge potential and it saddens me to see so many wasted opportunities. It's great to see the barn going up in the town, brilliant idea. I also loved the Sligo Summer Festival - it just shows what... Continue Reading →

San Francisco Sunday

  Another busy day in San Francisco. I started off the morning with a cable car ride while Jono had a sleep in. When he was up and about we headed to Pier 39 again. I love the pier, especially the sea lions and there are some really cool shops there including a Christmas shop... Continue Reading →

Lovely Limerick

Last month I went on my first visit to Limerick. Jono was going to Limerick for BroCon so myself and Lucy went along to check out the city. After a 4 hour bus trip from Sligo to Limerick (with a brief stop in Galway to change buses and a much-needed toilet break!) I was delighted when... Continue Reading →

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