Old houseMy O for the blogging challenge is Old. I love old buildings, I’d love to know the history behind them. Sometimes there is no one left belonging to the house so it’s hard to know the story, if only walls could talk.

5722241041_35ebcc4047_b 5722989791_e20bdfa863_bThe two photos above are Markree Castle in Collooney. I’m hoping to go back there soon as the kids got my afternoon tea for my birthday, I’m just waiting for the weather to improve so I can wander around the gardens.

The old railway house, CoolaneyThe photo above in the old railway house in Coolaney, Co. Sligo. This railway used to serve Galway-Ennis-Limerick and it closed in 1963. The old railway house is now boarded up which is a real shame.


18 thoughts on “Old

  1. francesskincare says:

    Agree with Lynn! I love Markree and look forward to your blog on the castle and the Cooper family.
    Enjoyed a meal there one Winter’s night some years ago-loved the eerie atmosphere on approach in wind and rain-and the bright warmth and great food indoors!

  2. Jen says:

    O is for Oh My Gosh those are great picture!. I LOVE the first one. Yesterday I got to walk around an abandoned house and I would do it every day if I could.

  3. Ellie at Emerald Pie says:

    A house very similar to that first photo has sold recently near my parents house. Bought by “German hippies” is the local story but nobody really knows. I am just happy to think that there will be life in that old house again.

  4. Susan Kane says:

    There is always just a hint of someone or something in these old houses. It feels like if I just twist sideways a bit, and moved just right, then I would see and hear the past. It is almost tangible. Love your photos. Susan Kane

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