1572406272_df1286b3c0_bMy P in the blogging from A to Z challenge has to be photography. I only started taking photos on a regular basis in 2007 and the bug certainly bit! I feel like part of me is missing if I don’t have a camera with me at all times.

Horse in the mistThese two photos have done quite well. The dandelion got in the Accuweather calendar a few years ago and the horse was in the final of the RTE weather competition.

2174947275_a70b124c7d_bThe thing I like most about photography is looking at normal things in a different way. Above is a packet of drinking straws put on top of a white surface with a cooker hood light shining down.

It’s great going around with a camera because you never know what you’ll see on your travels.



27 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Susan Kane says:

    What kind of camera do you have? What do you recommend? The more photos I see like you photos, makes me wonder. Love the horse in the misty pasture! Susan Kane

    • magnumlady says:

      Thanks Susan 🙂 I have a Fuji HS10 and an iPhone 4s, both cameras do the job. I also use the kids compact cameras from time to time. To begin with any camera will do, it’s all about trial and error. I’ve seen so many people pay huge money for cameras but not get any kind of decent photo out of them, so start cheap, see how you get on and then think about upgrading.

  2. Maureen says:

    I love your photos. I’ve had 11 on the BBC newsline weather forecast myself. I suggest you enter the my ni competition with eg your photo of enniskillen castle. There are prizes of stays in nice hotels in belfast. I’ve not been taking photos long myself and i now have a gcse.

    • magnumlady says:

      Thanks Maureen. I did enter it into the NI comp although it does seem to be for people that live in Northern Ireland. That’s brilliant that you have a GCSE. Do you have your photos up anywhere?

  3. june says:

    Your photos are always inspiring, Val. Always beautiful. You’re definitely a natural with the camera. I was surprised to read that you’ve only been into it or got bitten by the ‘bug’ as recently as 2007, because the photos that you share here are all worthy of awards, prizes and to be in magazines on a regular basis, if not the covers of them. I’m with Crafty Sorcha – I’m glad you got bitten by the photography bug, too.

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