Sunday morning vlog

I've started doing vlogs. Way out of my comfort zone but quicker than typing!

Markree Castle

Markree Castle in Collooney, Co. Sligo is a place that is very dear to my heart. I was involved in the Sligo Leader Hidden History project in 2013 where I spent a great deal of time meandering around the grounds and researching the history of the castle. The Corscadden family purchased Markree Castle in 2015... Continue Reading →

Springtime at Markree

A couple of weeks ago I needed a garden with spring flowers as I had an idea going around in my head for a spring photo. I also needed a small child for the photo. Luckily two people came to my rescue; the first was my friend Mandie and her lovely daughter, the second was... Continue Reading →

Meandering around Markree

I had a visit to Markree Castle for their tour today. They run these tours on a regular basis and it was very interesting to find out more about the history of the castle and it's owners. The weather, as usual was lousy, although I did get the photos above in the few minutes that... Continue Reading →


My O for the blogging challenge is Old. I love old buildings, I'd love to know the history behind them. Sometimes there is no one left belonging to the house so it's hard to know the story, if only walls could talk. The two photos above are Markree Castle in Collooney. I'm hoping to go... Continue Reading →

Lazy Photography

This morning we woke up to snow. I was half tempted to stay in bed as I was awake half the night listening to the thunder-storm, the snow sliding off the roof and the dog shaking with fear! I think the sheep in the photo above looks photoshopped! It's not but it looks like I've... Continue Reading →

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