Community Spirit in Coolaney

Yesterday was an exciting day in Coolaney village when the judges for the IPB Pride of Place Awards came to visit. Coolaney was one of two Sligo places nominated and it was a real community effort. There was the butcher, the bakers and the candlestick makers...OK maybe not the latter but certainly the rest. I've... Continue Reading →

Pencils and Pedals

Saturday, although it was a day of rushing and racing, was a really lovely day. Firstly I went to a drawing lesson. Kiera O'Toole, who is a very talented artist, invited me along to try my hand at drawing. To be honest I can just about draw the curtains so I was dubious. Kiera is... Continue Reading →

Falling for Autumn

Hello October! I like this month, misty mornings, dewy cobwebs and some much-needed sunshine....well so far anyway. I was enjoying a lovely walk with the boys (dogs) this morning when we crossed over one of the wooden bridges down by the River Walk in Coolaney and I went flying! Wet leaves on a wooden bridge... Continue Reading →


I have so much to tell you about San Francisco and over 1000 photos to go through! I will get there soon, I promise. The photo above is Coolaney village taken on Thursday¬†Morning. We left San Francisco on Tuesday and got home on Wednesday evening. To be honest the travelling wasn't as bad as I... Continue Reading →

From Coolaney to California

The first part of Jono's Journey to the World Pokemon Championships began today. We took the bus from Sligo to Dublin airport and are spending the night at the Metro Hotel Dublin Airport. The bus journey was lovely and comfortable and what really made Jono's day was that our friend Aafke was waiting at Edgeworthstown... Continue Reading →

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