My final blog for the A to Z blogging challenge is Z for Zoolatry. Zoolatry is the worship of animals. I really love animals and they feature a lot in my photos. Above is our lovely rescue dog Rocket-dog with his horsey friend. This fox is a regular visitor to our garden, the dog loves... Continue Reading →


My X is xyloglyphy which means wood carving. We have a wonderful wood-carver in Sligo called Michael Quirke. Not only is he very talented he's also a great man to talk to about Sligo and all the legends connected to the place. It's well worth calling in to him if you are in the town.


      V is for Violet. I'm really out of inspiration now we're getting to the tough letters 😉


U is for Undiscovered. I found Diarmuid and Grainne's Nature Trail today. It's out at the Benbulben Centre, Rathcormac, Sligo. It's a gravel path through fields with numbered rocks which leads to a lovely little waterfall in a rock formation. I don't have any information on it, so if anyone can tell me more I'd... Continue Reading →

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