Pilates and snow

Snowy Mountain

So today we had snow in Sligo, thankfully not a lot of it as I hate driving in it and I had to go out today. There is a mountain in the photo but it’s very hard to see it.

I went to my first ever pilates class today. I had been hoping to try Zumba but that runs on a Thursday morning and that’s one of the days I volunteer. Anyway in I went to the centre…I was late because of the traffic, I looked like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards. The teacher told me to join the class and she would join us in a few minutes. All the other ladies were on their mats and I did my socially awkward penguin bit and tried to blend in to the wall.











Anyway the teacher came back in and I was told to sit on a mat. The exercises were OK, a bit tough in places…mainly when the teacher was stretching out my arms and grabbed my broken finger. I also found it hard to keep my back on the floor, my stomach and ribs in and breath all at the same time. The breathing was forgotten about quite quickly which could have been a disaster but I remembered in the end. I was expecting to come out looking like Barbie…but I don’t look any different although I did hurt my neck a bit so me head is slightly leaning to one side 😉

So that was my day. It’s good to try new experiences and my backside muscles were burning afterwards so I think that’s good.

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  1. I love Pilates. Been a few years since I’ve been to a class but it really tones you up!
    No snow whatsoever in Dublin, but if you want some rain we’ve buckets of it to give away….buckets!

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