I had a great experience during the week where I walked on water! Who would have thought it possible? I have been watching David from SUPforall‘s Facebook page with interest, it always looks like everyone has a great time and I got my chance to try it on Wednesday.

If you don’t know what SUP is it’s Stand Up Paddle. Basically you stand on what looks a bit like a surfboard and paddle. I must admit I was quite nervous. I’m quite a clumsy person and I have no sense of direction. So I made sure I had a change of clothes with me and as much as I wanted too I didn’t bring my phone or my camera with me….so I took these photos before I took to the water.

David is the man who runs SUPforall. He’s a great guy, very patient and great at explaining what we should be doing. It did take a while for my leg to stop shaking and for me to relax a bit but once I did I really enjoyed it.

It was so relaxing just paddling and taking in the breathtaking scenery. You aren’t thinking about anything else…in my case I was too busy thinking about staying on the board. We got to paddle in Lough Gill which was a little bit choppy but not too bad (and no I didn’t feel sea sick). Then we turned down to the River Bonet so we had Sligo on one side and Leitrim on the other. It was 4km in total although it didn’t feel like it.

Even the dog can paddle 😉 This is Davids lovely little dog. I was thinking of bringing Rocket-dog but he’d have probably been running around the board. I really recommend SUP to everyone. I had a SUPer day.
The rest of my photos are here.

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