Craft heaven

I'm still very obsessed with needle felting. I try to make something every couple of days. It's very satisfying starting with a bit of wool and ending up with a character. Plus the stabbing part of it is great! There's no sewing involved which suits me fine. Just wool, a special needle and a piece... Continue Reading →

Learning to see

I'm taking observational drawing classes at the moment, it's probably one of the most difficult things I've ever done. Kiera, my teacher, tells me it's all about learning to see. My problem is that I can't see properly...I know that sounds strange but I can't see straight lines, I can't tell the perspective of things.... Continue Reading →


My P in the blogging from A to Z challenge has to be photography. I only started taking photos on a regular basis in 2007 and the bug certainly bit! I feel like part of me is missing if I don't have a camera with me at all times. These two photos have done quite... Continue Reading →


I had a great experience during the week where I walked on water! Who would have thought it possible? I have been watching David from SUPforall's Facebook page with interest, it always looks like everyone has a great time and I got my chance to try it on Wednesday. If you don't know what SUP... Continue Reading →

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