Enchanted in Sligo

On Friday we called into the Benbulben Centre, Branleys Yard in Rathcormac, Sligo. It’s located just off the main N15 road and has some wonderful, unusual items for sale. There’s art, antiques, pottery…even a cafe and a dental lab!

We didn’t really have much time for a proper look so I will go back. Also I was in my ‘shy’ mode and didn’t use my camera so these pics are just from my phone.

We were hoping the antique shop would be open but it wasn’t…instead we found this amazing Enchanted Vintage Clothing shop.

We were just in awe of all the beautiful things in there. The dresses and accessories were just something else.

It was like taking a step back in time. I would love to know the history behind the outfits….imagine the stories they could tell.

There were wonderful shoes, hats….all kinds of goodies and all in excellent condition. Best of all there is an online shop so even if you can’t get to Sligo you can still buy something fabulous.

There was also this wonderful gramophone complete with records….none of your iPods 😉

Even dolls made an appearance. This shop really is a treasure trove and I can’t wait to go back again….with my camera and without my shyness next time.

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