Magic at Strokestown Park

I made a return visit to Strokestown Park as part of my Wild Atlantic Wayfarer project. Although Roscommon isn't on the Wild Atlantic Way it's one of the neighbouring counties and is well worth a visit. I didn't go on the house tour this time as I've covered it on a previous blog post. So... Continue Reading →

Grand Designs

I've always been interested in home design programmes. Imagine being able to design your own home. What kind of design would you go for? What features would your house have? Would you be minimalistic or go for the cosy, lived in look? Would you have a mansion or a cottage? In my mind I have... Continue Reading →

Back to Coopershill

After my last trip to Coopershill....where I forgot my camera battery! I was invited to go back again with my battery this time and try to get a photo of the deer. As it wasn't raining today (for a change) I went back again. There is a lovely drive up to Coopershill. It's very atmospheric...if... Continue Reading →

Animals and other stories

I have a lot to tell you today. Firstly look at the visitor we had to the garden this morning. The dog spotted him first and luckily I had the camera to hand. This is the first time I've seen a fox in the garden. I hope he comes back again. It was really foggy... Continue Reading →

The birds

The birds, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. It's been a busy few days. I still haven't managed to do a blog about Billy Ocean but I'll get to it soon. On Sunday as I was recovering from the Eurovision mum phoned me to say her tv had packed up. So off we went into town to... Continue Reading →

Winter is for the birds

Visitors to my garden, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Ok I am officially fed up of Winter. The snow was OK for a day, but now it's beyond a joke. I hear that the council has run out of grit and our lane isn't gritted anyway because it's not a main road. The drive was iced... Continue Reading →

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