Lost in Hazelwood

On Thursday I had a bit of time to kill before I had to pick Jono up for an appointment so I decided to go to Hazelwood Forest in Sligo. It’s always lovely to walk around there, especially when the sun is shining…which it kind of was on Thursday.

The bluebells are still out but for some reason my photos never do them justice.

Anyway I was enjoying my walk until I realised I was lost! All the trees look the same and I ended up going around in circles.

In my head I was Katniss running around the woods in the Hunger Games 😉 I had about twenty minutes to go until the appointment and still hadn’t found my way back to the car park!

Eventually I caught sight of the lake and followed it back and found the car, just in the nick of time. I think Jono would have wished I’d have stayed lost because the poor lad ended up having half his toenail removed 😦

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