Car boot sales and a Chinese buffet

I haven’t had the chance to do a ‘normal’ blog recently so this is a bit of everything. A couple of weeks ago Lucy had the day off from her course so we went to Enniskillen. The cushions above are from B&M which is a great ‘discount’ store. It’s in the town where Woolworths used to be.

After our shopping we went to The Mandarin Buffet Chinese Restaurant for lunch. It’s all you can eat for 5.99 per person. There was a great selection of food and it’s a lovely clean place.

Included in the buffet is soup for starters and also a great selection of desserts. They are meant to have a chocolate fountain going but it wasn’t working on the day we went….oh well we’ll just have to go back another day šŸ˜‰

Another thing I haven’t blogged about is the car boot sales. There were two recently in Sligo. One in St. Brendan’s School, Cartron, which we got some great bargains at including a dressing table for 15 euro. I was tempted to have a stall but it was 15 euro to sell and when we tried to sell at the car boot sale in Collooney we were lucky if we made 15 euro.

We really do have a load of stuff to get rid of so I might try the Skreen/Dromard car boot sale. It was on last Sunday and is on in next month as well….it’s only 10 euro a stall there, it’s also better for parking.

I also didn’t get a chance to blog about my attempt to test drive a car. Now I must confess I don’t need a car but a local car dealer was giving a 20 euro fuel voucher to anyone who test drove one of the cars. I thought it was too good to be true but never one to turn down a freebie off I went. I stood in the showroom for 10 minutes watching one member of staff reading a newspaper and one shuffling papers. In the end I gave up and left. I shouldn’t have been surprised because when I was in the market for a car I tried this dealer and although they were main-dealers for Kia they didn’t have the car I was interested in. They promised to call me when they got one in….two years later I’m still waiting.

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