Play Misty For Me

We have had fairly mild weather here in Sligo over the last few days. Today was very misty and foggy though. I spotted the scene above after dropping the kids off to their courses and on the way to my mums. I had to pull over to take a few photos.

These photos were taken at Doorly Park, Sligo, Ireland.

The photo above is looking towards Sligo town down the Garavogue River. The church is Calry Parish Church.

The boats add a nice bit of colour to the shot above.

About magnumlady

Photographer, blogger, hooked on social media. Based in Sligo, Ireland. Passionate about Ireland and always looking for the next adventure.

10 Responses

  1. RD

    These photographs are superb, and I really like the dreamy colour saturation effect – especially in the first one with the band of coloured reeds between a fairly monochrome fore- and background. Do you use any kind of processing to achieve this effect, apart from the obvious effort of being in place at the right time of day?

      1. RD

        They are fantastic pictures, and you are blessed with amazing weather (unless you prefer sunbathing). The areas of colour are really stunning in all of them, and look almost surreal against the monochrome day. I must get out of the city, although that has its own great picture opportunities as well.

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