Ripples and Connections

I always find myself drawn to water, I find it so calming just looking at the movement of it, at the reflections, and wondering what creatures are underneath the surface. It's like looking at abstract art; the way the light catches the water, and the movement of the trees reflected in it. In the last... Continue Reading →

I will try to fix you

I've started with a new counsellor and what always amazes me is the things that come up even when you don't realise they even existed. There was a 'light bulb' moment this week when it dawned on me that I try to 'fix people'. This could happen with anyone that I come into contact with.... Continue Reading →

A couple of hours in Castlebar

This is a blog post I should have written a couple of months ago but better late than never! Lucy had to do her exams in Castlebar so I took her over one day and decided to go exploring while she was slaving over an exam paper. First of all I had a wander around... Continue Reading →

Fireworks in Fermanagh

As it was Halloween yesterday we headed up to Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh. This is our 3rd year of going up and makes a change from sitting at home waiting for the windows to be egged! In fairness it only happened last year, so I suppose it could be worse. We have had brilliant weather, you'd... Continue Reading →

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