The weekend

Well it’s been a bit of a week with one thing and another. The photo was taken from our drive on Thursday morning, I love to see the sunrise….we don’t see that many of them though.

On Tuesday Andy wound up in hospital. He only went to the doctors for a blood test, he’s been quite breathless though and having palpitations so she sent him in for tests. I suppose with his past history of blood clots you can’t be too careful. Anyway the hospital were brilliant and did loads of tests and sent him home with a heart monitor on. He won’t know the results for a few weeks.

Wednesday was Jonos monthly meal out with the ‘BEO’ group. This time they went to Shenanigans and he had a great time. Lucy and I went to the cinema to see the Lion King while we were waiting for him. It wouldn’t be my choice of film (I didn’t want to be blubbing over a cartoon lion), but it was grand and I didn’t blub thankfully.

Thursday was a busy day. It was Jonos spinal check up in Tallaght hospital. It’s almost a four-hour journey from here to Tallaght between the train and the Luas. When we arrived Mr. Noel (the consultant) wasn’t there. I told the nurse Jono would need an X-Ray and they would need to see if the curve of his spine had got any worse. She told me it wasn’t down in the notes. So we sat and waited for 40 minutes until Mr. Noel arrived…..and then she came and told us Jono needed an X-ray! So we had to spend another hour waiting for that.

I was getting worried because it was almost 5pm by the time we got back to the clinic and the last train left at 7pm. Thankfully we got seen fairly quickly. Mr. Noel is a brilliant doctor, he showed us the shots of the X-Ray and explained that Jonos back had got 4 degrees worse in a year..which isn’t much at all. So he’s going to just keep an eye on him to make sure it doesn’t get any worse.

So we got back on the Luas and headed back home. We are really pleased that Jono won’t need more surgery at the moment, it’s great news.

4 thoughts on “The weekend

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  1. Hi! Val

    Just checking in after a long absence.

    Delighted to hear about Jono’s check-up… though not surprised to hear about the inefficiencies of the public system. Are patients not allowed to have a voice?

    I’m heading to Notts next week for the fitting of a prosthetic septum… very minor stuff but necessary all the same.

    I always enjoy visits to your blog… thanks!

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