Odds and sods

This blog is a bit of everything really. Things are going well although I have upset someone without meaning to. I’m sad because I’ve lost a friend, I’ve apologised (although I don’t know what I’ve done wrong). I had a sleepless night about it last night but I’m not going to lose anymore sleep over it. It’s their choice not mine and if they don’t want my friendship anymore there is nothing I can do about it.

Enough about that. I had to take my mum for her annual check up yesterday. If you are a regular to my blog you will know she had bowel cancer. Anyway I’m delighted to say she got the all clear for another year. After her appointment we went for lunch in Dunnes.

When we went into Dunnes this little dog in the photo at the top of the page was waiting. When we came out he was still waiting 😦 So we were worried about him. One of the members of staff said he had been there all day. So I called the dog warden incase someone had reported him missing, they hadn’t. Mum went back into the shop to get the dog some treats and was talking to another member of staff who said he is at the store everyday but he goes home every evening. So panic over and luckily not a homeless dog.

Is it bad that I giggled when I saw the cookies above? I wonder will I ever grow up? Probably not.

4 thoughts on “Odds and sods

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  1. Who wants to grow up? Glad to hear that your Mum had good news.
    Sometimes it’s just impossible to get inside the head of other people. You’ve done what you can to put things right but if you haven”t a clue what is wrong anyway, you can’t do much else.

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