Today was Jono’s last day at his course for three weeks as they are closed for holidays. He’s missing it already! I took Lucy into town she was looking for Harry Potter books. Sligo has lost two bookshops in recent months due to the recession. I was surprised with the other bookshops that they didn’t have a big display of the Harry Potter books seeing as the last film is just out. Anyway between the library, Eason and the Liber bookshop Lucy got sorted.

Sligo is looking lovely this year. Whoever is doing the flowers is doing a great job. There is a great buzz with lots of tourists around. A lot of them were watching the lads kayaking in the Garavogue the other day.

We had lunch in Cafe Fleur. It’s the first time we’ve ever been in there, mainly because it’s always so busy. Lucy’s hot chocolate looked lovely.

I had a goats cheese and pepper wrap which was lovely. Although the plate looked a bit bare, a bit of side salad would have been nice. It’s also a shame the place isn’t bigger. One man was taking up a 3 seater table just to read his paper.

The video below has had the kids in fits laughing. They were playing it over and over again in the car! I was tempted to get out of the car and leave them to it 😉

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