Derelict Ireland

I was looking at Flickr the other day and found some great images of our derelict nation which led me to the blog. It really is interesting and there are some great images on it. It makes you wonder why some people leave their homes with family photographs in them or tea towels still hanging up to dry. It’s sad really.

I took the photo above. It was up for sale a while ago. I don’t know if it’s been sold since, it needs a lot of work but I think it would be a lovely home. There are so many houses just left to rot and it’s a shame. I’d love to know the stories they could tell.

The dresser above was in a derelict cottage near here. There was no door on the cottage and all the belongings were just left.

It’s hard to believe this was once a family home.

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  1. It’s pretty amazing how there’s no history with it – you’d wonder about the family who lived here once. As someone doing up an old house in Dublin I know what it’s like to find things near-derelict – we pulled up lino last weekend and 1938 newspapers came to light – I should really blog it! The Sacred Heart took me back to childhood and my mother always had a scary one over the hearth with eyes following you around the room. This one is just looking up to heaven but the crown of thorns is scary enough for any kid! We also had a dresser just like that with slidy doors on the top glass bit. I wish I still had it. I have a lovely oak one from my mother though, with glass fronted top – ribby opaque – and 2 drawers with doors in the cupboard bit at the bottom – no drop-down door on this one but our old formica one had. This triggered a lot of memories! Thanks for sharing.
    Catherine xxx

    1. You should blog about it Catherine. I find it all fascinating. I would love to know the stories behind the houses.
      My nan had a few Sacred Heart pictures around and they always frightened me. xx

  2. Hi there. Is the house at the top near Coolaney? Think I was in there before. I found the deeds of the house and old pictures stuffed into bin bags. House was collapsing.
    Derelict Nation

    1. No this is quite near the N17 near Ballinacarrow. I find these cottages fascinating, although creepy as well. I’ve just been looking at your photostream on Flickr. It gives me shivers. I’d love to get a look inside the Railway House in Coolaney. I think that would be such a lovely house, shame to see it left.

  3. People next to railway house should let you in if you ask. They wanted to do it up, but it would need a lot of cash invested. I think the house is on the Ballymote/Tubbercurry road? It looks very familiar.

    1. Oh really? I might try and find out who owns it. Would love to have a look at it.
      The house I went to is off the N17, from Templehouse heading for Coolaney. It’s on the left just before you get to a little laneway. In the Spring there are lots of wild daffodils just before it.

    2. I’ve just realised I was answering about the inside pictures I took. The two story house is out the Cloonacool Road and just on the left (as you are coming from Coolaney).

  4. I love pictures of old places like that. I too wonder about all the lives that were there and the everyday things left behind. I have an old newspaper framed that I found wrapped around some old pipes in a house I once lived in. Its from 1945 and now I no longer live there its nice as it reminds me of my time there. It even has the peoples surname written on it when they had it put away for them in the newsagent and they are the people who built the house I lived in…. ahh, memories….

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