Well it’s been a mixed bag of a week. A few annoying things happened including Jono finishing his course 😦 He was doing a trial and we were hoping he would go straight onto the course, but of course this is Ireland and things don’t go to plan. So now we have to go to a meeting on Monday and find out if and when he can start properly.

What these people don’t realise is that it’s another change of routine and Jono has asperger’s syndrome so routine is very important to him. Also he really loves the course and is disappointed he has to finish.

On a positive note I entered a photo competition run by Feile na Tuaithe  which is a free family festival run this weekend at the Museum of Country Life in Castlebar. Although my photo’s didn’t get anywhere, my dandelion photo was printed in three national papers yesterday. The Mirror, the Sun and the Examiner. I was so pleased 🙂

Here is the picture:

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  1. As always Val, entertaining photographs and I remember commenting on that great dandelion shot – simple but effective.
    Sorry Jono has come to the end of the course with no obvious progression; I think the authorities should learn something firstly about people and their needs and then about continuity of services. If they are never going to do it they should say, otherwise – give us a date!

  2. Hi Val
    This course business seems a strange set up but I suppose like everything else, it comes down to funding. It does seem pretty wierd that Jono now has to go back to square one and prove his suitability for a place on the course. It all seems very unfeeling to me.
    Please pass on my best wishes to Jono. I hope that he will be successful in gaining a place and is able to keep attending with no break to disrupt his routine.

    1. Hi Stella,
      Sometimes we get so fed up of funding problems and cutbacks. We are really hoping Jono gets a date soon.
      He misses the place already.

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