Tiffany Budd – Goldsmith

Today was a great day. A totally new opportunity for me to try something different at a silver jewellery making course with the wonderfully talented Tiffany Budd. I really had no idea what to expect but I turned up to a very warm welcome by Tiffany and her lovely dogs. First things first was a... Continue Reading →

Cooking and Budgeting Course

I started a new course last week. It's a Cooking and Budgeting course. Naively I thought it was going to be cooking on a budget but it's not. There are two parts of it; the first part is cooking and the second part budgeting. As the first class fell on Shrove Tuesday we made pancakes.... Continue Reading →

Great news

Some of you might remember that we had a meeting about Jono's course today. Well I have some great news! He starts officially on Monday 😀 He's delighted. They said the teacher was very pleased with him and that he fitted in really well with the class. Thanks to all of you that got in... Continue Reading →


Well it's been a mixed bag of a week. A few annoying things happened including Jono finishing his course 😦 He was doing a trial and we were hoping he would go straight onto the course, but of course this is Ireland and things don't go to plan. So now we have to go to... Continue Reading →


Hazelwood, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Thanks for the good wishes about Jono's course. He got on really well and can't wait to go back tomorrow 🙂 I took mum into town with us today so she could go shopping. While I was over collecting Jono she spotted a little child about to throw a lifebuoy... Continue Reading →

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