Waiting for Santa

Last weekend was all about Christmas and trying to get organised because aparently we are in for another snow/freeze on Friday.

So on Saturday I took the kids into Sligo to do some Christmas shopping. There was a lovely atmosphere around the town. Some of the shops had mince pies and sweets for their customers. Others had music and their staff were dressed up. Johnston Court shopping centre was lovely with all the decorations and free Santa for the kids.

There were also Christmas Carols from the Co. Sligo Golf Club choir, which I really enjoyed.

On Sunday we put the Christmas decorations up. We started off with a ‘Recession tree’. It’s really lovely isn’t it? Very understated 😉

In the end we decided to decorate it. It took about three hours because why is it that half the lights never seem to work. It was like something out of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Lights on, lights off…….in the end I had to ‘borrow’ Lucy’s fairy lights from her bedroom…then the dog tried to eat them! Eventually we got the tree done.

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