Cold heart

Two hearts, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Yes we are still snowed in. It doesn’t look too bad from this photo but under the snow is ice and it’s very slippy.

Lucy’s school was shut again today, just as well because I wouldn’t have been happy letting her go. Even in Sligo town it seems to be very icy, several roads are closed due to the ice.

My mum got her delivery of shopping from Tesco today and she was really pleased about that. Hopefully we’ll get ours on Thursday.

I won a competition on twitter on Friday from the Carphone warehouse. It’s a cool phone 🙂 The delivery driver arrived this evening and I was in the kitchen and didn’t hear him. So he tapped on Jono’s window and scared the bejaysus out of him!

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  1. Hi Val, well done you. I need a new phone and have been looking at that one – let me know how it is 🙂
    Sounds like you have it a bit worse than us this year – we have had very little snow but what we have had has turned to ice and made the paths and side roads pretty treacherous! I’ve even been walking (rather skating) to work.
    Hope all is well over there – seems like ages since we were there.
    Will send a proper email soon and fill you in.
    Take care.x

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