Every day should have it’s Golden Moments

Well we are still snowed in. It doesn’t look too bad in this photo, but the roads and pavements are like ice. If you click here you will see Coolaney village pavements. I had to walk to the local shop as we were starting to run out of everything. I tried to place an order with a well known supermarket but they can’t get to us until Thursday (and that’s if they get here).

Even the poor dog has got ‘cabin fever’. I keep expecting him to run around the house like Jack Nicholson from The Shining shouting ‘Here’s doggy!’ Luckily Lucy’s school was closed today so I didn’t have to attempt to drive…..although it would be more of a slide then a drive. I heard that five gritters came off the road yesterday in Donegal.

When I was in the village I met the postman who gave me a lovely wrapped up present from Barry’s Tea.

It’s a tin of tea bags, which will come in handy. I told them our ‘Golden Moment’ which was last year when Andy and Jono came home from hospital and Lucy came home from her nan’s just in time for Christmas.

Have a listen to this Barry’s Tea Christmas radio advert:

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