Ready for Wimbledon

Ready for Wimbledon, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well it’s been a busy week so far.

Jono has been at a summer camp at The Crib, they went to Castlebar yesterday, bowling and laser shooting (I really want to try that). While he was in Castlebar, Lucy and I went shopping. We had a lovely girly day.

In the evening Andy and Jono went to see An Evening with Sgt. Pepper in The Factory, Sligo. This is the 3rd time Andy’s been to see it. It really is a great show though. The cast all signed a birthday card for Jono so he was delighted.

While they were out Lucy and I watched dvds and pigged out on popcorn. We watched About a Boy and The Wedding Singer. I love both those films.

Today when Jono was at The Crib, Lucy and I went to Koko Latte which is a fab chocolate and coffee shop in The Quayside, Sligo. We had strawberries, belgian chocolate and cream….and it was fab. The photo is above. Just what I needed as I had a really bad migraine this morning. So bad I had to go back to bed for a while.

I never did tell you about Christine (Andys car). On Sunday I took mum and the kids to a fete at St. Johns hospital, Sligo. When dad was recovering from his broken hips he stayed there for a while so we wanted to support their fundraising.
We got loads of bits, including a mountain of books, they were only 30 cent each. We also won two lots of chocolates and a bottle of wine from the spin the wheel stall.
While we were there I got a call from Andy to say Christine had broken down.

So off we went to jump start the car, we had to do it about 5 times to get Christine home, because she kept dying and the car was only about 4 miles from home. It was scary because it was on a really narrow road, but anyway she’s home now and Andy has her in bits. Still not sure if it’s the alternator but maybe it is.

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