Gilbert the car had the NCT (national​ car test today). I wrote this while I was waiting. The small room of doom, Stuffy and cramped. I say silent prayers to the angel of automobiles if there's such a thing. My heart thumps, hands shake as I try to concentrate on my book. I'm too early,... Continue Reading →

The Other Man in my Life

I don't often post about the other man in my life. He's the strong, silent type but always on hand to take me off on an adventure and he never complains about my singing. This morning was all about him. I have to admit I was a bag of nerves as I watched him being put... Continue Reading →

Life is good

It's a while since I've done a catch-up blog post so here goes. I posted a couple of weeks ago about Gilbert (my green Getz) going for his NCT - I was apprehensive - he is 11 years old and not the prettiest car in the world. He's green and has peeling paint but he's... Continue Reading →

Car Breakdowns and Coffee Mornings

If this blog post title seems quite familiar it's because it is. I seem to be living in some kind of strange groundhog day either that or it's just history repeating itself. If you are a regular reader to the blog you will know my old faithful peeling green car Gilbert decided to fall apart... Continue Reading →

I have a new man in my life!

Well would you Adam and Eve it! Before you think I've lost the plot altogether and ditched poor old Andy, the new man in my life is ADAM the Opel. The wonderful people at McCormack's Car Sales have lent me this fabulous little car for a while. We've had the most amazing adventures and ADAM... Continue Reading →

Today FM and Dublin

I was invited up to the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show on Today FM at The Sugar Club in Dublin on Friday as I entered a competition to win a Renault Megane and boy do I need a new car. Gilbert the Getz is 11 years old and has started screaming when I drive on... Continue Reading →

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