Blinded by the Light

  During the week meself and himself went to the cinema. This is a very rare event but we heard about Blinded by the Light and we had to go and see it. It's adapted from the book Greetings from Bury Park, which is journalist Sarfraz Manzoor’s memoir about growing up in Bury Park, Luton.... Continue Reading →

Halal Daddy

Tuesday was a very exciting evening as Sligo hosted the premiere of the movie Halal Daddy. I was lucky enough to go and see it - which was extra exciting as I was in it! Well when I say I was in it I didn't actually see myself but I was an extra in the... Continue Reading →

The Making of Harry Potter

I took the kids for a flying visit to the UK during the week. They are huge Harry Potter fans so we went to see the Warner Bros. Studio Tour of The Making of Harry Potter. There was so much to see and it's amazing to get to see behind the scenes and all the... Continue Reading →

The Hunger Games

Yesterday we went to see The Hunger Games 🙂 We've all read the books and couldn't wait to see the film. It really was excellent, so great to see the book bought to life on the big screen. It wasn't as gruesome in the film as I thought it would be but I guess that's... Continue Reading →

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